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The Next Idea is a top ranked digital agency in the international market with a 100% success rate in 500 plus projects. We have built all sorts of ecommerce sites from single product stores to marketplaces and even service based platforms. With such a diverse experience and an expert team we can help any business in any industry grow digitally and boost sales.

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  • FOUNDED IN 2010
  • Revenue Earned $100,000+
  • Projects delivered 500+

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No Robots, just good humans

  • Kashif Shah
    Kashif Shah CEO/Founder
  • Dania Khan
    Dania Khan Co-Founder
  • Ali Shah
    Ali Shah Director
  • Zahid Habib
    Zahid Habib Creative Head
  • Muhammad Umar
    Muhammad Umar Web Developer
  • Habib Ullah
    Habib Ullah Web Developer
  • Ahmad khan
    Ahmad Khan Android Developer
  • M.Faheem
    M.Faheem Web Developer
  • Imran Majeed
    Imran Majeed Senior Fronted Developer
  • Nawaz
    Nawaz UX/UI Designer
  • Rana Numan
    Rana Numan Graphic Designer
  • Ahmad Zaib Zakir
    Ahmad Zaib Zakir Project Manager
  • Aqib Butt
    Aqib Butt UI Developer
  • Anees Anwar
    Anees Anwar Web Developer
  • Khurram Ilyas
    Khurram Ilyas Web Developer
  • M.Arslan Asghar
    M.Arslan Asghar UI Developer
  • Abdul Qadeer
    Abdul Qadeer Android Team Leader
  • Muhammad Rizwan
    Muhammad Rizwan Android Developer
  • Basharat Ali
    Basharat Ali Android Developer
  • Hassan Dar
    Hassan Dar Android Developer
  • Arsal Muhammad Zia
    Arsal Muhammad Zia Web Developer
  • Ali Nawaz
    Ali Nawaz Web Developer
  • Abid Ali
    Abid Ali UX/UI Designer
  • Awais Javaid
    Awais Javaid UI Developer

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