• Excellent Company with creative, attentive and knowledgeable tech staff. They met deadlines and understood my company needs. Well done! Eunice Kim | Here Now Shop
  • Sunday Scents
    The only person you will ever need. I can't say enough about how great of a job they did for me. Their initial design was amazing but the best thing about them was their cooperation in getting me exactly what I wanted. They went above and beyond to make to make small changes that I needed. I am pretty particular in what I want and am sometimes hard to deal with. They handled it great and were happy to talk on skype to get all my suggestions worked out. I will use them every time I need something done. I highly recommend. You won't be disappointed. QY Chang | Sunday Scents
  • Lion Diamonds
    The best I've work with, very professional team. My "A" team Jonathan domatov | Lion Diamonds
  • Sea To Sky Glass
    Amazing. Best designer and coders I have ever worked with. These guys are awesome and very understanding. They go above and beyond. Thank you Jeremy | Sea To Sky Glass
  • Am Clothing Store
    Thank you very much for your work. Very happy with prompt and positive outcome and excellent quality. Mike | Am Clothing Store
  • Jonathan Bender
    Before I found The Next Idea, I could never find anyone who could accomplish what I needed for my website demands. This team is a total and utter pleasure to work with. Their hard work, patience, and professionalism far exceeds my expectations every time. I always feel like my jobs to them are always top priority! Jonathan Bender | NSBA
  • Inspiral Art Gallery
    They are VERY HARD workers and do top quality designs. I am continuing to work with them and plan on long term. I can't stress enough how pleased I am with Dania's team. They are literally available 7 days a week and always there to please. Daniel | Inspiral Art Gallery
  • Selasi Adika
    Words cannot express the gratitude I owe to Kash and his staff. They are professional and adept at what they do. My experience with them has made me a believer that the world is indeed now one big melting pot whee any and every thing is possible. We worked remotely but effectively with no communication glitches. More importantly, they are cost effective and their handiwork is clean and impeccable. Absolute STARS in this business! Selasi Adika | African Sponge
  • Cara Echino
    It is pretty incredible what these guys do! I can never say enough! Their work has impressed me on multiple levels. I highly recommend Dankash and will continue using them for all my business needs. Thanks again! Cara Echino | Lawggle
  • Manish Khana
    100th time using these guys, just cant get enough. Thanks again...would recommend anyone to them. Manish Khana | Real Estate Portal
  • Laurie DeSalvo
    Excellent website, provided exactly what I needed, very prompt and attentive. Dania always made me feel she would take care of everything so I didn't stress! Would highly recommend! Laurie DeSalvo | Recruiting Firm

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